Divorce Solutions

Divorce can have a significant impact on the finances of all parties involved. At Michael Yanoff, PC, we have the experience and expertise to provide a comprehensive analysis and reporting of the accounting and financial aspects associated with each case. For example, when faced with the financially complex issues of a divorce settlement, it is critical to have a capable and knowledgeable team to provide support in achieving the best possible results.

Services provided in matrimonial matters include:
✔ Business Valuations
✔ Determination of income and cash flows for alimony and child support
✔ Lifestyle analysis
✔ Prepare marital balance sheet to be used for the delivery of assets and liabilities at the final designated date of distribution - Examination of financial and case related documents
✔ Assist in the preparation for depositions and cross-examination of opposing experts and/or witnesses
✔ Assist in mediation and/or arbitration proceedings
✔ Expert testimony Review of financial provisions contained in
✔ Property Settlement Agreements, including potential tax effects