Collaborative Law

Collaborative law is a voluntary dispute resolution process developed to preserve the integrity and dignity of families in conflict. Although divorce is its primary application, this process translates to other civil and commercial applications such as custody, probate/trust & estate, contract, real estate, healthcare, employment or construction dispute cases where collaboration between parties is the expedient and merited method.

Civil Collaborative Practice
✔ At a Glance A commitment by the parties and their attorneys to resolve their disputes outside the court system
✔ A process intentionally geared toward settlement from the outset
✔ An open, honest, yet confidential exchange of information by the parties
✔ Reduces financial, time, and emotional costs
✔ Avoids going to court
✔ Helps maintain important relationships, especially when children are involved
✔ Protects confidentiality and avoids publicity
✔ Keeps the parties in control of the process
✔ Encourages mutual respect
✔ Provides open communication
✔ Uses a problem-solving approach
✔ dentifies and addresses all parties’ interests and concerns